Architectural Consulting

Consulting Services to Maximize the Value of Your Real Estate Properties
Joe Corporation considers your property’s unique characteristics, the environment, and marketplace so that you may maximize the value of your real estate. We are able to assist you by utilizing our unique network and know-how in projects such as commercial and residential developments.

Joe Corporation’s Cube Cube System is an example of our expertise. The steel-framed modular home system allows for easy transport as well as customization of layout depending on the environment. The system’s attributes maximize the potential of their properties even on a provisional basis.

Real Estate Securitization and Investment

Strategic Ideas and Solutions Based on an Understanding of Your Needs and the Market
Joe Corporation offers ideas and action plans for the establishment of real estate investment securities and funds based on our objective evaluation of the market and its risks. Our experience, access to information, and knowledge of the real estate business allow us to create strategic and flexible business solutions for all stages of a project. In addition, our know-how in real estate revitalization enables us to conduct real estate investment projects throughout the country.

Urban Revitalization

Urban and Regional Revitalization Through Mixed-Use Projects
We contribute to regional revitalization by redeveloping office buildings centered in the three major cities where there is high demand for commercial real estate properties. We help to recreate economically healthy and vibrant neighborhoods through thoughtful and efficient land use and mixed-use development projects.

Residential Real Estate Development

The Satoyama Concept: a Vibrant Residential Development of Detached Homes
Joe Corporation was involved in the Satoyama Village model town development. The project was part of an academic-industrial-governmental collaboration between Kitakyushu City, Kitakyushu University, and architects. The concept involved the development of a community of 43 detached homes while revitalizing nature in the surrounding 12,000㎡ of newly-cleared land. Approximately 600 trees were planted to recreate the original landscape, enabling residents to interact with nature by relaxing and exercising on the lush, tree-lined walkways. The satoyama community concept created a vibrant community while benefitting from the advantages of locating multiple detached homes in a single area.

Resta Associa Permanent Apartment Homes
Joe Corporation has developed an original, proprietary brand of apartment projects called the Resta Associa Series that provides for the needs of city dwellers with permanent apartment homes. It incorporates minerals and bamboo charcoal into the architecture in order to create a living environment filled with negative ions. Our intention is to recreate in a permanent city dwelling a living environment surrounded by nature.

Business and Resort Hotel Development Projects

Supplying International Travelers with Comfort
This age of internationalization means that there are many people who work and travel globally. We offer planning and development services for business and resort hotels in order to meet the needs of short-term and long-term travelers who visit Japan for work or leisure.

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