To Improve Society Through Our Real Estate Projects
Joe Corporation’s vision of the real estate sector is broad. We are involved in the development of detached homes, apartments, office buildings, and multi-use commercial properties. In addition, we plan and develop resort and business hotels, and undertake real estate revitalization projects throughout Japan.

To Utilize Information to Discover and Explore All Opportunities
Our staff is comprised of individuals with rich experience and wide networks in a variety of real estate businesses throughout the country. We are committed to discovering and exploring all business opportunities through a combination of creative thinking and careful planning. Moreover, we continually strive to adapt and respond rapidly to a changing marketplace.

To Value Gratitude, Trust, and Harmony
We place the utmost importance on gratitude, trust, and harmony. Joe Corporation’s staff endeavors to lead every project to success from conception to completion. And we strive to convey our gratitude to you, our customer, by working to your satisfaction.

Kenji Horikiri
Joe Corporation


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